Synchronised Wireless Hospital Clocks Cambridge

Papworth Hospital Cambridge is a brand-new NHS hospital. Paul Alan, Project Manager for main builders, Skanska, explains the benefits they found from using a wireless clocks system.

Our Challenge

“Patients who were admitted to the hospital were of different age groups with varying levels of eyesight. The challenge was to have accurate time in a digital format that the patients could easily read from a distance and synchronised time that suited all.”

What System was Installed?

The Airtime wireless clocks system using mains operated analogue and LED digital clocks were specified to enable clear viewing of time and date. LED clocks were used in patient rooms and analogue 30cm clocks were installed in surgical, treatment and waiting rooms. Repeaters were installed on each of the 7 floors to enable 100% signal coverage and a transmitter with GPS was installed on floor 5, the GPS antenna was installed on the roof. 100% signal coverage is guaranteed across the building. EA Combs planned the system for Skanska making installation easy and in a fixed time frame.


Our Solution

“100% time accuracy with automatic seasonal time changes. Doctors and medical staff can monitor patients, give medicine on time and control visiting times as the whole hospital site works off 100% accurate time. Admin is kept correctly, and operations and procedures such as on-off oxygen can be monitored in accurate real-time."

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