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Tuke School is a single-floor facility in an urban built-up area of South London. The school was looking for a clock system that would give 100%-time accuracy with seasonal automatic time changes.

Our Challenge

“Synchronised time is significant in a school for staff and pupils and to keep the school running smoothly. A synchronised clock system is essential to ensure each child receives the correct amount of teaching time in each subject. EA Combs Limited offered a reliable system which was accurate and decorative whilst being practical and easy to use.” “Thank you, everyone, for your contributions in turning this around in record timing - it is much appreciated! We finally have clocks that work, which has been a problem for a while now.”

What System was Installed?

Our solution involved a wireless clock system using battery-operated analogue clocks was specified to enable precise time viewing. We installed plastic-cased analogue 30cm clocks in all areas. A repeater was installed on the ground floor a third of the way into the building to enable 100% coverage, and a transmitter with NTP Synchronisation was installed in the data room on the ground floor. 100% signal coverage was guaranteed across the building. EA Combs planned the system for the school and installed it in a fixed time frame.


Our Solution

“100% time accuracy with automatic seasonal time changes. The school had problems with parents dropping children off late at school and not collecting them on time. This has now been overcome as all times are now 100% accurate, classes start and finish on time, and out-of-hours clubs are easier to manage."

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