Mains-Operated LED Clocks, London

Our Challenge

Ensuring that classes could both start and finish at the same time throughout the Dance Work Studios, providing a smooth runtime for every class.

ZA10R LED Clocks

We supplied Dance Works Studios in London with 10 of our ZA10R mains-operated LED clocks.

The dance classes were overrunning/ending early, causing disruption and sessions not running smoothly. Cassion Gray from the studios contacted EA Combs for a solution to this problem so that classes could end and finish at the same time and then run smoothly.

The studios' comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage allowed us to propose Wi-Fi synchronised clocks, which are operated by mains. The ZA10RW mains operated 10cm high and displayed Wi-Fi synchronised clocks, with a viewing distance of up to 40 m, which were the best option. These clocks provide a clear view of the time in all required areas and ensure the smooth running of classes, as they automatically update via the internet and handle Summer/Winter time changes seamlessly.


Our Solution

Using the schools Wi-Fi coverage to provide a system of Wi-Fi synchronised ZA10RW clocks for each class, allowing for seamless connection and automatic updates via the internet in Summer and Winter.

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