Hospital Wireless Clock System Cambridge

Addenbrookes Treatment Centre is based in Cambridge and provides emergency, surgical and medical services for this area. It is a centre for specialist services and is able to deal with rare or complex conditions due to its modern facilities. The site can also offer regional specialist services for organ transplants, cancer, neuroscience, paediatrics and genetics.

Our Challenge

“Synchronised time is very important in a hospital, both for staff and patients. EA Combs Limited offered a reliable system that saved the hospital time and money by having a 24v synchronised clock system that automatically updated, was 100% and carried out seasonal time changes.”

What System was Installed

We installed a wired clocks system using 24v operated analogue, and LED digital clocks were specified to enable clear viewing of time and date. We placed LED clocks in patient rooms, and analogue 30cm clocks were installed in surgical, treatment and waiting rooms. We installed Power boosters on each of the eight floors to enable 100% power coverage, a transmitter with GPS was installed on floor 2, and the GPS antenna was installed on the roof. 100% power coverage is guaranteed across the building. EA Combs planned and installed the system for the contractor. Installation was successful and within a fixed time frame.


Our Solution

“100% time accuracy with automatic seasonal time changes. The patients have time and date displays in a digital format for clear visible reading.”

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