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Hospital Clock Systems

In healthcare facilities and hospitals, accurate timekeeping is critical, which is why E.A. Combs is here with our top-of-the-line hospital clock systems. Based in London, we work across the UK to provide hospitals with efficient clock systems.

Hospital Ward

Synchronised Clocks for Hospitals

Synchronised clocks for hospitals will help ensure that all departments are on time, which is essential for effective patient care and the correct timing of emergency situations. The E.A. Combs clock systems can incorporate wireless remote count up/down timers; these are crucial in today’s hospital care for monitoring procedures such as patients being under anaesthetic or controlled breathing.

Master clock systems for hospitals must be accurate, effective, and 100% reliable. Hospitals must provide all medical professionals with resources to help maximise patient care and positive medical outcomes. The administration of medicines can be strictly controlled and effected at the correct time each day; this avoids patients receiving too much or too little. Anaesthetists can control the timing for procedures so that accurate records can be kept, ensuring safeguards are adhered to and protecting both staff and patients.

Enquire about our hospital clocks using the quick and easy enquiry form below to find out how we can help keep your time accurate.

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Wireless Hospital Clock System

Implementing E.A. Combs wireless hospital clock systems is an easy and affordable solution to the time imperatives of a hospital. Our wireless clock systems use license-free frequency technology to synchronise every clock within range and requires no wiring expenses.

Simply insert 4 AA batteries and hang your hospital wall clock. Battery life is guaranteed at five years. When powered, each clock will receive a time signal, and repeaters can extend the signal to ensure coverage throughout a facility. The E.A. Combs wireless master clock picks up its time via a GPS antenna to guarantee 100% accuracy.

The clocks can be analogue or LCD/LED (or a mixture), depending on the hospital’s requirements. The LED clocks are mains-operated analogues, and LCDs are mains or battery-operated. Get in touch using the enquiry form below for a free quote.


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