Construction Wireless Clock System, Watford

Wates Construction was the main contractor on the refurbishment of the courts and was looking for a decorative, metal-cased clock system that would give a 100%-time accuracy with seasonal automatic time changes.

Our Challenge

“Synchronised time is especially important in a court for staff and to keep the courts running smoothly. EA Combs Limited offered a reliable system which was accurate and decorative whilst being practical and easy to use.”

What System was Installed?

Wates Construction needed a wireless clock system that used mains-operated analogue clocks to enable clear time viewing. Metal-cased analogue 30cm clocks were installed in all areas. A repeater was installed on each floor in the middle of the building to enable 100% coverage and a transmitter with GPS Synchronisation. Our system had 100% signal coverage guaranteed across the building. EA Combs planned and installed the system for Wates Construction. Installation was successful and within a fixed time frame.


Our Solution

“100% time accuracy with automatic seasonal time changes. Court proceedings must be on time and logged as an accurate time for the smooth running of the courts and also for legal reasons. The court and prison staff clerks can now record times 100% accurately for a more efficient and workable solution."

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